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Industrial IoT Starter Kit for IXON Cloud

Quick-start your project with the IXON Cloud IoT Starter Kit

Getting started with industrial IoT can be quite hard. Especially if you’re looking for a turnkey solution from a trusted partner that enables you to take your first steps with Industrial IoT and industrial remote access. Yet, that is exactly what we developed: a seamless Industrial IoT platform for machine builders and system integrators without large investments or the need for specialized skills.


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Included in the IoT starter kit:

  • IXrouter3 with 4 ethernet ports

  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G available for internet access in any situation

  • Step-by-step guide for easily setting up remote access to your machine

  • Accessories to help you get started, including antennas and a power supply

  • Free and unlimited management of your machines, customers & users on the IXON Cloud

  • 1 year trial for the IXrouter and data features (Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify) without any obligations.


World's first no-code IIoT platform

The first and only no-code IIoT platform, specially designed for the advanced machine manufacturer. Enrich your machines with a tailor-made cloud platform for optimal remote service and applicable data insights.

Remote Access (VPN)

Instantly connected as if you're next to your machine.

Alarms & Notifications

Receive warnings about important machine events

Cloud Data Logging

Access your machine data anytime, anywhere

User Management

Personalised rights per user or role

Data Visualisation

Simply put your dashboards with Drag & Drop Widgets

M2M Cloud Cluster

Central monitoring of all your BMS and HVAC systems.

Discover the possibilities of Cloud today

Free tour: discover every corner of IXON Cloud

The best way to get to know IXON's Remote Service & IoT platform is to get hands on. After signing up, you'll get full access to our free platform tour. You can test the VPN functionality, control an HMI panel, explore dashboards and try out the alarming feature.

Go ahead. Take it for a spin.

Get Industrial IoT Starter KIT

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